Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 22, 2014: Eagle Creek, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Oregon bolandra sticky cinquefoil (and a stilt bug) streambank arnica sawfly on anemone leaf tiny spider on alumroot flowers
northern inside-out flower Oregon stonecrop taper-tip onion, budding large-flowered blue-eyed mary leafy pea
Metlako Falls piggyback plant Lower Punchbowl Falls salal flowers Tish Creek
Cascades penstemon Pacific starflower bulbous bluegrass flowers rosy plectritis mushroom
larkspur & rosy plectritis rosy plectritis cliffs above Eagle Creek Skoonichuk Falls salmonberry flower
bunchberry Mertens' saxifrage broad-leaf stonecrop Tenas Falls small-flowered nemophila
Sitka mistmaidens upper part of Tenas Falls Mertens' saxifrage bulbils fern-leaf desert parsley little buttercup
Pacific waterleaf mushroom Wy'East Falls, from behind harsh paintbrush top of Grand Union Falls
Tunnel Falls' tunnel Twister Falls Twister Falls cliff penstemon broad-leaf stonecrop
Tunnel Falls Tunnel Falls rainbow Tunnel Falls' tunnel Tunnel Falls sunlight through mist
false solomon's-seal fringe cup vanilla-leaf false lily-of-the-valley Columbia windflower
Skoonichuk Falls High Bridge narrow gorge below High Bridge narrow gorge below High Bridge Loowit Falls
wild strawberry flowers Punchbowl Falls Eagle Creek Canyon western maidenhair fern large-leaf avens

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