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June 22, 2013: Silver Star Mountain, Washington

beargrass beargrass beargrass close-up beargrass beargrass
rusty saxifrage Star Creek Valley fool's huckleberry, unusually red Sitka valerian beargrass
Silver Star scenery the trail rock penstemon avalanche lilies glacier lilies
trillium in a "cave" cliffs Hooker's fairy bells Oregon anemone east side of Silver Star Mountain
Starway ridge beargrass little-leaf montia paintbrush beargrass & Sturgeon Rock
penstemon, budding coiled-beak lousewort Sturgeon Rock Silver Star Mountain & Mt. St. Helens wandering fleabane / subalpine daisy (and a spider)
Fendler's pennycress view to the east Columbia lewisia Davidson's penstemon spirea buds
Little Baldy Silver Star's northern summit Columbia lewisia rock penstemon beetle on Sitka alder flower
orange-colored moth huckleberry flower Mt. St. Helens & wildflowers paintbrush paintbrush
beargrass beargrass beargrass golden pea beargrass
beargrass blue-eyed grass rusty saxifrage Oregon iris & golden pea

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