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July 30, 2015: Rachel Lake & Alta Mountain, Washington

Even though it wasn't even August yet, most of the flowers already cooked. Here's a map.
yellow willow-herb Box Canyon Creek Sitka mountain-ash berries Box Canyon Creek fireweed seed pods
thimbleberries rosy twisted-stalk berries deer stink currant great northern aster
huckleberry slender bog orchid monkshood clasping twisted-stalk berries arnica
fringed grass-of-parnassus clasping twisted-stalk berries Rachel Lake Sitka mountain-ash berries pink mountain heather
Rachel Lake Rachel Lake fireweed south end of Rampart Ridge Rampart Ridge & Rampart Lakes
north end of Rampart Ridge Box Ridge, Hibox Mountain, & Lila Lake Mt. Rainier & Rampart Ridge Alta Mountain & Mt. Thomson Alta Mountain & Chikamin Ridge
harebells basin below Alta Mountain Chikamin Ridge view to the west Alta Mountain panorama
summit cairn & Mt. Rainier Mt. Thomson & Alaska Lake view northeast toward Mt. Daniel Alta Mountain's south ridge Box Ridge
Hibox Mountain & Lila Lake Sitka mountain-ash fireweed fireweed & Hibox Mountain fireweed & Hibox Mountain
Rachel Lake Rachel Lake sparkles on Rachel Lake Hibox Mountain American willow-herb
deer fern fronds stream great northern aster spider web yellow monkeyflower

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