Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 5, 2016: Dog Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

orange honeysuckle leafy pea thread-leaf phacelia bald-hip rose nine-leaf desert parsley
varied-leaf collomia spreading dogbane wildflowers small-flowered blue-eyed-mary Pacific starflower
sword fern, unfurling Columbia windflower early blue violet spotted coralroot big-leaf sandwort
calypso orchid heart-leaf arnica columbine, budding banana slug three-tooth mitrewort
sweet coltsfoot starry false solomon's-seal, budding prairie star balsamroot fine-tooth penstemon
balsamroot hairy hawkweed leaves larkspur larkspur chocolate lilies
wildflowers poet's shooting stars spreading phlox phlox & balsamroot white western groundsel
pollen-covered beetle on balsamroot Columbia kittentails, going to seed balsamroot on a very steep hillside balsamroot & Mt. Defiance trail through balsamroot
buttercups & Wind Mountain buttercups pioneer violet salmonberry flower (and a beetle) vine maple flowers
trillium (and a beetle) Pacific waterleaf Dutchman's breeches, gone to seed wildflowers wildflowers
alpine penny-cress Sierra pea-vine balsamroot balsamroot & Mt. Defiance balsamroot
wildflowers balsamroot, buttercups, & the Gorge wildflowers wildflowers & Wind Mountain tiger lily buds
balsamroot & Wind Mountain trail through balsamroot big-head clover bare-stem desert parsley trail through balsamroot
balsamroot fern-leaf desert parsley white western groundsel chocolate lilies sweet-cicely
Hooker's fairy bells baneberry, budding rosy plectritis wildflowers wildflowers
bi-colored cluster lily blanketflower death-camas wildflowers lupine & bumblebee
balsamroot paintbrush & balsamroot paintbrush & balsamroot spotted coralroot phantom orchid
common cryptantha fork-tooth ookow small-flowered deer-vetch fork-tooth ookow broad-leaf stonecrop
water drops on lupine leaves the trail Oregon-grape flower fly on balsamroot chocolate lilies

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