Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 25-26, 2006: McKenzie River & Cone Peak/Iron Mountain

McKenzie River: The first 25 photos are from the 2.5-mile loop trail that goes around both sides of Sahalie Falls and Koosah Falls, just off Oregon SR-126.

Cone Peak/Iron Mountain: The rest of the photos are from the 6-mile loop trail that starts at Tombstone Pass (4240') on U.S. Highway 20. (The plan was to go up to the lookout on top of Iron Mountain as well, but June 26 was the hottest day of the year so far in Oregon; even at 5000', the temperature in was in the mid to upper 80s with blazing sunshine and not much shade, so we didn't go all the way up.)

California tortoiseshell butterfly Sahalie Falls whitewater bunchberry Indian pipe
rapids on the McKenzie River fallen trees in the McKenzie River penstemon above the McKenzie River bottom of Koosah Falls yellow-leaf iris
pyrola, budding Pacific starflower trailing blackberry very green-looking water hairstreak butterfly on an ox-eye daisy
rhododendron, budding rhododendron Koosah Falls Koosah Falls & rainbow rainbow below Koosah Falls
Koosah Falls whitewater and mossy trees Sahalie Falls rainbow below Sahalie Falls Sitka valerian
star-flowered Solomon's seal Cascade mariposa lily great Jacob's ladder large-leaf avens Menzies' larkspur
larkspur & death-camas cinquefoil paintbrush, larkspur, & death-camas blue-headed gilia pincushion penstemon
paintbrush & larkspur larkspur & monkeyflower Hooker's fairy bells Cone Peak & wildflowers patches of monkeyflower on Cone Peak
wildflowers Cone Peak larkspur, death-camas, & paintbrush eroded lava plug on Iron Mountain stickseed
trail through Cone Peak's meadows monkeyflower, blue-eyed Mary, larkspur, & other wildflowers South Peak & wildflowers wildflowers to the east larkspur, death-camas, & Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain sticky currant rock penstemon & alpine ivesia Echo Mountain & South Peak Mount Washington
heart-leaf buckwheat, sulphur flower, and two of the Three Sisters rock penstemon The Three Sisters Iron Mountain through a basaltic dike shoulder of Cone Peak from above
Shasta clover Looking back up at the summit gray sagewort leaves (and a mariposa lily) Cone Peak trillium, fading to pink
yellow violets Douglas firs & sunlight Pacific bleeding hearts candy flower wildflowers
wildflowers blue flax bluebells scarlet gilia (skyrocket) Columbia windflower

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