Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 16 & 29, 2017: Columbia Hills State Park, Washington

These photos are from two separate trips to the Columbia Hills.

April 16: a stand-alone outing to Columbia Hills State Park, with a brief stop at Catherine Creek on the way home. From the upper Natural Area Preserve trailhead, we made a brief visit to "Rattlesnake Rim," but unfortunately it was a cloudy day, and no snakes were out and about.

April 29: a minor detour across the ridge on Dalles Mountain Road, while on my way to Utah.

pear blossoms pungent desert parsley & Mt. Hood fiddleneck basalt crags & Horsethief Butte balsamroot
death-camas & balsamroot bare-stem desert parsley Eightmile Creek Falls white plectritis miner's lettuce
ball-head waterleaf & miner's lettuce showy phlox balsamroot annual Jacob's-ladder small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary
cluster-lily, budding lupine, budding larkspur Columbia puccoon lupine & balsamroot
big-head clover big-head clover balsamroot, big-head clover, & bare-stem desert parsley small bumblebee on balsamroot bee on bare-stem desert parsley
prairie stars false agoseris popcorn flower & filaree balsamroot bare-stem desert parsley & Mt. Hood
naked broomrape naked broomrape Pacific tree frog Pacific orange-tip butterfly desert shooting-star
lace lip fern chickweed monkeyflower honeybee on Oregon-grape cut-leaf penstemon leaves panicled death-camas
scablands narrow-leaf paintbrush fringe-pod western fence lizard mantis egg-case (ootheca)
pungent desert parsley on rimrock fiddleneck fern-leaf desert parsley miniature lupine camas
camas rosy plectritis honeybee on camas balsamroot & Mt. Hood balsamroot & lupines
balsamroot & lupines showy phlox & balsamroot Mt. Adams Mt. Adams, larkspur, paintbrush, & prairie stars harsh paintbrush

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