Adam Schneider's
digital photos

August 25, 2012: Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington

Click here for a map of the route.

sickletop lousewort lupines, bistort, & arnica Old Snowy Mountain & Ives Peak lupines & western bistort lupines and other wildflowers
lupines & paintbrush butterfly (Boisduval's blue?) on arrowleaf buckwheat lupines something daisy-like trail through lupines
pika in a rockpile lupine & paintbrush Cascade asters wildflowers & Jordan Basin paintbrush & asters
asters & paintbrush American saw-wort harebells Jordan Creek & Mt. St. Helens Sitka valerian & a cascade
the top of Jordan Basin white marsh-marigolds white marsh-marigolds wildflowers Goat Creek Valley & Old Snowy Mountain
Goat Ridge panorama wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers Mount Adams & Goat Ridge wildflowers wildflowers edible thistle
pale blue lupine & alpine lake agoseris Mt. Adams & wildflowers Goat Lake, still frozen elephant's head lousewort alpine speedwell
pink mountain heather, spent Hawkeye Point & lupines mountain pennyroyal second thoughts possibly climbable slot
Mount Adams & Goat Creek Valley mountain goat fur rockslide larkspur heart-leaf buckwheat ridge west of Old Snowy Mountain
Parry's catchfly yellow penstemon (?) alpine willow-herb watermelon snow mountain sorrel
brook saxifrage (?) Hawkeye Point Peak 7137 Egg Butte Upper Lake Creek Valley
lupines & arnica grasshopper on my wrist pink mountain heather coiled lousewort shooting stars
lupines along the trail lupines above the trail lupines below the trail rusty saxifrage lupines & pasqueflowers
Goat Creek Valley wildflowers small waterfall zephyr anglewing (hoary comma) butterfly woolly pussy-toes
backlit stream avalanche lily very flat waterfall mountain monkeyflower spreading phlox
marmot, whistling wildflowers scree fields & Ives Peak Goat Ridge & wildflowers pink lupines
pink lupines white mountain heather Old Snowy Mountain, reflected Ives Peak & lupines bracted lousewort
moon & wildflowers cotton-grass one-sided wintergreen white bog-orchid Goat Creek
monkshood tall mountain larkspur pearly everlasting Ives Peak Douglas' spiraea (hardhack)

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