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August 28, 2008: Newton Clark Ridge, Mt. Hood, Oregon

There's no official trail up Newton Clark Ridge; in fact, that might not even be the official name of the ridge, but it's between Newton Creek and Clark Creek (and below Newton Clark Glacier) on the east side of Mount Hood. To get there, I parked on the road to Mount Hood Meadows where the Umbrella Falls Trail crosses the road. I walked past Umbrella Falls, then through the ski area. I followed access roads up to the Timberline Trail, went northeast about two miles on the TT, then bushwhacked up through hemlocks and pines on the toe of the ridge. Once I was out of the trees, it was easy going up the rocky/sandy crest of the ridge. I turned back at about 7460', when I got to a massive boulder that was too big to comfortably go around.

Click here for a map and elevation profile.

Mount Hood goldenrod Umbrella Falls Umbrella Falls dew on birds-foot trefoil
dew on pearly everlasting red-tailed hawk fireweed & goldenrod towering lousewort paintbrush
Mount Jefferson & Three Sisters lupines lupines & paintbrush lupines subalpine mariposa lily
pipsissewa Clark Creek paintbrush & lupines waterfall and snow on Clark Creek field full of asters
field full of asters Mount Hood cascades bearberries Gnarl Ridge & Lamberson Butte
surveying marker glacial waterfalls Newton-Clark Ridge glacial waterfalls & Gnarl Ridge Mount Hood, obscured by clouds
Mount Hood, obscured by clouds glacial outflow Mount Hood, obscured by clouds Mount Hood, obscured by clouds Clark Creek
Mount Hood, obscured by clouds Mount Hood, obscured by clouds Adam almost the entire ridge dwarf lupine
dwarf lupine glacial waterfalls Lamberson Butte burned forest beyond Gnarl Ridge looking back up the ridge
patterns in pine bark cascades Greene's goldenweed sickletop lousewort buckwheat
Sitka mountain ash valley of the northernmost fork of Clark Creek willow-herb monkeyflower animal tracks (elk?)
Mount Hood, mostly obscured by clouds field full of asters and lupine fireweed willow lupine & trailside waterfall
subalpine fleabane willow flower lupine & monkeyflower paintbrush & lupine cat's-ear lily & lupine
partridgefoot & lupine showy Jacob's ladder slender mountain sandwort something dandelion-esque snow in a stream

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