Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 26, 2006: Paradise Park, Mt. Hood, Oregon

partridgefoot penstemon Zigzag Canyon & Mount Hood woodland penstemon (turtlehead) yellow monkeyflower
Lewis' monkeyflower Hoffmann's checkerspot butterfly meadow with lupines & Sitka valerian corn lily (green false hellebore) green hills & muddy snow
beargrass as far as the eye can see meadow full of paintbrush & cinquefoil lupine, corn lily, & Sitka valerian by a stream wildflowers Mount Hood
wildflower shoots near a snowfield seedpods on some kind of willow oval-leaved buckwheat (?) a big rock and a small pine tree Paradise Park panorama
south side of Yocum Ridge fireweed wildflowers wildflowers paintbrush & corn lily
paintbrush & Mount Hood paintbrush & fan-leaf cinquefoil paintbrush subalpine mariposa lily, from below paintbrush, from below
aster & bumblebee corn lily (green false hellebore) wildflowers lupine mountain arnica
unusually pink paintbrush unusually pink paintbrush western bistort dwarf bramble (creeping raspberry) bumblebee on Sitka mountain ash
mountain arnica patterned snow shelf Sitka valerian, from below Western St. John's wort view down Rushingwater Canyon
top of Rushingwater Canyon budding aster maple-leaved currant waterfall on Lost Creek trailside cascade
rusty saxifrage white rhododendron corn lily (green false hellebore) checkerspot butterflies pearly everlasting
subalpine mariposa lily Lewis' monkeyflower goat's beard leaves paintbrush top of Zigzag Canyon
Black Crater Fire & Mount Jefferson beargrass Mississippi Head western wall of Zigzag Canyon snow patches & Mount Hood
late afternoon trail partridgefoot lupine ripples on the trail phlox & buckwheat
dwarf lupine Davis' knotweed phlox Mount Hood Crater Rock

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