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June 29, 2017: Silver Star Mountain, Washington

That mountain goat is WAY outside the "normal" range of goats in Washington. How did he get to Silver Star? I bet he's lonely.
Pyramid Rock & wildflowers yellow hawkweed golden pea wildflowers wildflowers
trail through wildflowers Pyramid Rock & wildflowers variable checkerspot butterflies on Gray's lovage avalanche lily beargrass & golden pea
paintbrush & golden pea wildflowers wildflowers & Mount Hood Silver Star's south summit trail through wildflowers
coiled-beak lousewort wildflowers Silver Star's summit & Mt. St. Helens Silver Star Mountain panorama subalpine fleabane
western sweet-vetch western sweet-vetch mountain goat subalpine fleabane mountain goat & wildflowers
mountain goat & wildflowers wildflowers & Mt. Adams snow on the trail wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers wildflowers & Mt. St. Helens wildflowers & Mt. St. Helens wildflowers, Mt. St. Helens, & Mt. Rainier wildflowers
lupine & spirea Oregon iris common speedwell Columbia tiger lily wildflowers
yellow rattle blue-eyed grass subalpine mariposa lily Columbia lewisia wildflowers & crags
Silver Star Mountain Silver Star's north ridge Cardwell's penstemon Silver Star Mountain & Star Creek Valley trillium
Pacific silver fir, new growth rusty saxifrage white marsh-marigold Oregon anemones mushroom
salal flowers rosy bird's-foot trefoil turtle-head (woodland beard-tongue) Rock Creek fringed willow-herb

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