Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 30-31, 2011: McNeil Point, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Pacific rhododendron wildflowers Mount Hood subalpine mariposa lily blue-head gilia
beargrass pinemat manzanita snow-covered scramble trail mountain pennycress? view to the west
showy Jacob's ladder white mountain heather campsite western pasqueflower & the tent paintbrush buds
Mt. St. Helens & Bull Run Watershed Mount Hood Adam penstemon sedges
scarlet columbine spider on corn lily leaf western pasqueflower Sitka valerian western pasqueflower & Mount Hood
western pasqueflower western pasqueflower western pasqueflower western pasqueflower Mount Adams at sunset
paintbrush at sunset lupines & pasqueflowers at sunset showy Jacob's ladder at sunset lupine at sunset sunset over a snowfield
Mount Hood at sunset sunset three volcanoes at sunset pink mountain heather Glisan Glacier & Barrett Spur
Mount Hood's summit Tracy on Ho Rock ridge between Ho Rock & Co Rock asters McNeil ponds
McNeil ponds shooting stars stream violet bunchberry salmonberry flower

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