Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 31, 2014: Elk Mountain & Kings Mountain, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon

mountain sweet-cicely snowberry flowers Cascade penstemon small-flowered lotus harsh paintbrush
ox-eye daisies Pacific starflower unusually pink salal flowers red-stem ceanothus (buck brush) tiger lily buds
Elk Mountain silverback luina the trail empty snail shell Pacific blackberry flowers
Cardwell's penstemon Scouler's valerian sword fern, looking like an elephant vine maple star-flowered false solomon's-seal
paintbrush, desert parsley, & chickweed rosy bird's-foot trefoil bald eagle blueberry flower varied-leaf collomia
orange honeysuckle, budding Cascade mountain ash Kings Mountain deer fern, unfurling candyflower glen
redwood sorrel coast (tooth-leaved) monkeyflower slender pussy-toes wildflowers penstemon & lupines
rock garden rock garden (mostly phlox) rope-assisted trail Sitka mist-maidens scalloped onion
larkspur & desert parsley Coast Range wildflowers wildflowers broad-leaf arnica
piggyback plant Oregon bedstraw columbine pink wintergreen rosy bird's-foot trefoil seed pods

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