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August 20, 2013: Elk Cove, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Here's a map. I also posted a full trip report (with fewer photos, but more words) on
fireweed trailing blackberry tall willow-herb Mount Hood & burned trees woodland beard-tongue
white spirea Mount Hood & burned forest avalanche lily seeds yellow monkeyflower in Elk Cove Creek maple-leaf currant
western pasqueflower seeds Sitka mountain-ash berries Cascade asters red elderberries Coe Creek
hydaspe fritillary butterfly on a Cascade aster Tolmie's saxifrage lingering snow boulder & partridgefoot Elk Cove
Government Flats Complex Fire Mount Hood, Coe Glacier, & Barrett Spur Lewis's monkeyflower Tiling's monkeyflower alpine saxifrage seed-pods
alpine willow-herb wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers Lewis's monkeyflower mountain sorrel northern starwort monkeyflower & arrow-leaf groundsel
wildflowers & moss monkeyflower paintbrush, partridgefoot, & monkeyflower wildflower garden rusty saxifrage
stream through wildflowers burned cliffs & Mount Adams pasqueflower seedheads & scorched conifers stream & wildflowers pasqueflower seedheads & fireweed
pasqueflower meadow meadow full of Cascade asters Barrett Spur & a stream cliffs above Elk Cove lupines below
Mount Hood & Dollar Lake black huckleberries wildflowers big mushroom avalanche lily seeds
blueberries blueberries The Pinnacle trail through burned forest edible thistle
bead lily sunset on burnt snags decommissioned road moonrise full moon through burnt trees

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