Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 23, 2008: Silver Star Mountain, Washington

This trip is proof that crappy weather makes for some of the best wildflower photos.
Howell's pussytoes tiger lilies fireweed, budding trail through wildflowers woodland beardtongue (turtle-head)
woodland beardtongue (turtle-head) paintbrush Gray's lovage scarlet columbine & golden pea Cardwell's penstemon
Nootka rose Star Creek Valley harebells Western sweet-vetch nodding onion
Columbia lewisia wildflowers wildflowers rufous hummingbird bead lily
paintbrush, lupines, & golden pea Oregon iris wildflowers wildflowers & mist rocky crags
serviceberries alpine penny-cress coiled-beak lousewort feathery false solomon's seal rocky crags
Sitka valerian Sitka valerian Sitka mountain-ash, budding huckleberries Sitka valerian
wallflower Western bistort bleeding hearts elderberry going to seed Douglas' maple leaves
Oregon stonecrop Oregon stonecrop lupine close-up lupines wildflowers
rock arch rock arch rock arch maidenhair fern maidenhair fern
subalpine fleabane alpine alumroot salmonberry flower dwarf bramble trillium
alpine alumroot Columbia lewisia cliff penstemon Western sweet-vetch subalpine mariposa lily
Oregon sunshine tiger lily Oregon sunshine larkspur explorer's gentian, budding
beargrass orange jelly cone fungus trail toward the summit avalanche lilies, sprouting avalanche lilies
wildflowers wildflowers harebells Columbia lewisia Cascade penstemon
wildflowers wildflowers Douglas' catchfly explorer's gentian, budding explorer's gentian, budding
harebells pioneer violet (stream violet) avalanche lily avalanche lily lupines
Western sweet-vetch Nootka rose subalpine fleabane scarlet columbine paintbrush
wildflowers wildflowers tiger lilies subalpine spiraea wildflowers
wildflowers Cascade penstemon thimbleberry scarlet columbine fireweed

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