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November 22-25, 2018: Southwestern Utah

On Thanksgiving weekend, a friend and I visited Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyons, and Devil's Garden), and finally a brief stop at Capitol Reef National Park. (map)
rubber rabbitbrush Bee Hive Peak & The Sentinel strawberry hedgehog cactus desert marigold frost-stem sun-cups
wild buckwheat orange rock & clouds The West Temple southern maiden-hair fern The Sundial & Towers of the Virgins
slender buckwheat single-leaf pinyon (piñon) cone Zion Canyon & Bridge Mountain Zion Canyon yucca
prickly-pear cactus The Watchman round-leaf buffaloberry leaves scraggly seed-pods banded rock
Bridge Mountain Bridge Mountain & Virgin River The Watchman The Watchman & Virgin River Mt. Spry, East Temple, Twin Brothers, & Mountain of the Sun
The Watchman & Virgin River sandstone concretions The Watchman & Virgin River The West Temple at sunrise The West Temple, The Sundial, & Towers of the Virgins
Red Arch Mountain hairy golden-aster The Great White Throne hairy golden-aster mat rock-spirea (rockmat)
Springdale rock-daisy big-tooth maple leaves Refrigerator Canyon Big Bend & Cable Mountain Cathedral Mountain
crowded Angel's Landing Trail prickly-pear cactus fruit (tunas) Virgin River from above eroded sandstone east side of Angel's Landing
Upper Zion Canyon Lower Zion Canyon Big Bend Observation Point & East Rim Trail Angel's Landing panorama
east side of Angel's Landing's summit Refrigerator Canyon thelypody Lower Zion Canyon Angel's Landing & Virgin River
composite seeds Temple of Sinawava Virgin River Zion Canyon through dripping water southern maiden-hair fern
mule deer buck Court of the Patriarchs composite seeds Mountain of the Sun, Twin Brothers, Mt. Spry, & East Temple Mount Spry
The East Temple desert bighorn sheep White Cliffs Checkerboard Mesa Red Canyon
Bryce Amphitheater Thor's Hammer Bryce Amphitheater orange canyon walls Wall Street
narrow canyon walls tourists Douglas-fir in a canyon hoodoos white-breasted nuthatch
Queen Victoria hoodoo Bryce Amphitheater bristlecone pine E.T. hoodoo hoodoos
dunes, castles, Bristlecone Point, & Powell Point Bryce Amphitheater limber pine on the brink Bryce Amphitheater Bryce Amphitheater
arches in the rim Wall of Windows Bryce Point panorama (north) Yellow Creek Canyon Natural Bridge & snow-dusted sandstone
raven view to the northwest The Hunter view to the northeast south side of Bryce Amphitheater
Bryce Amphitheater Inspiration Point panorama view east over Tropic Powell Point Straight Cliffs
lower entrance of Peek-A-Boo Canyon heart-shaped arch sandstone arch roof of Peek-A-Boo Canyon sandstone
prickly-pear cactus Straight Cliffs & desert animal tracks north end of Spooky Canyon sandstone walls
sandstone arch narrow gap the crux of Spooky Canyon sandstone walls sandstone walls
sandstone walls knobby and smooth sandstone layers knobby and smooth sandstone layers daylight desert varnish
sandstone face Spooky's lower entrance rabbitbrush sand sagebrush Utah juniper berries
wildflower leaf rosette Hole-in-the-Rock Road hoodoos hoodoos hoodoo
hoodoos hoodoos hoodoos Mano Arch Metate Arch
Metate Arch & a pointy hoodoo hoodoos Henry Mountains Mount Ellen & Buck Point Meeks Mesa
Chimney Rock & Mummy Cliff Chimney Rock Mount Ellen & red rock Panorama Point panorama The Castle
Mount Ellen & Capitol Reef Mount Ellen, Capitol Reef, & Sulphur Creek Canyon Capitol Reef Sulphur Creek Canyon sunset clouds

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