Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 6, 2012: Memaloose Hills & Seven-Mile Hill, Oregon

European corn-salad (non-native) American vetch balsamroot white plectritis blue-eyed mary
northern Pacific rattlesnake convergent ladybug on big-head clover honeybee camouflaged on balsamroot rigid fiddleneck & Mt. Hood bi-colored cluster lily
honeybee on woolly vetch balsamroot & a pine tree paintbrush & balsamroot paintbrush bitter cherry
cryptantha (?) balsamroot lupine & balsamroot balsamroot & Mt. Hood Allison
wildflowers big-head clover open oak woodlands long-spurred plectritis balsamroot
checker/chocolate lily bumblebee on larkspur woodland/prairie stars bi-colored cluster lily poison-oak
grassy hills bare-stem desert parsley heart-leaf buckwheat slender clarkia bi-colored cluster lily
cryptantha rigid fiddleneck lupines & balsamroot balsamroot, spent popcorn flower
seven-spotted ladybug on a lupine leaf lupines Mount Hood bi-colored cluster lily common vetch
beetlemania baby stars Columbia desert parsley & balsamroot Hood River milk-vetch very small stone bridge

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