Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 3, 2017: Hamilton Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

native blackberries common mullein ocean spray (cream-bush) Scouler's harebells thimbleberries
baneberries, white annual fleabane Rodney Falls phantom orchid Douglas' squirrel
Douglas' catchfly farewell-to-spring Cascade penstemon white spirea nodding onion
taper-tip onion nodding onion sun on Archer Mountain cliff & Bonneville Dam Hamilton Mountain's summit
heart-leaf buckwheat servcieberries larkspur Cascade catchfly bee on farewell-to-spring
white brodiaea (wild hyacinth) white brodiaea (wild hyacinth), budding Columbia tiger lily celery-leaf licorice-root (lovage) clifftop meadow
blue-head gilia leafy pea-vine knife-edge ridge summit ridge fine-tooth penstemon, budding
Hamilton Mountain saddle subalpine mariposa lilies subalpine mariposa lilies farewell-to-spring Columbia lewisia
Oregon sunshine ox-eye daisies large-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Table Mountain & Mt. Adams cliffs
Deptford pink (grass pink) rattlesnake plantain leaves Lorquin's admiral butterfly spider in a dome-shaped web American willow-herb

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