Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 10, 2007: McNeil Point, Mt. Hood, Oregon

varied-leaf phacelia bunchberries northern inside-out flower devil's club leaves California tortoiseshell butterflies in a stream
avalanche lily, fading wildflower-covered slope heartleaf buckwheat & paintbrush yellow spider on heartleaf buckwheat Cascades penstemon & Oregon sunshine
blue-headed gilia Washington lily variable checkerspot butterfly blue-headed gilia Oregon sunshine
Oregon sunshine, blue-headed gilia, & barestem buckwheat huckleberry flowers Cardwell's penstemon (?) Columbia tiger lily Yocum Ridge
Washington lily, paintbrush, & lupine Western pasqueflower stream across the trail white marsh-marigolds wildflowers
pond below McNeil Point pocket gopher "eskers" and tunnels Barrett Spur huckleberry snow in the southwest branch of Ladd Creek
Ladd Creek & Mount Adams Western pasqueflowers Western pasqueflowers Western pasqueflowers paintbrush, penstemon, & Western pasqueflower seedheads
penstemon & paintbrush Ladd Creek Glisan Glacier & Mount Hood yellow-bellied marmot Martindale's desert parsley
rocks on Cathedral Ridge pink mountain heather view from a stone windbreak McNeil Point Western groundsel
not-yet-blooming heather fields McNeil Point stone shelter showy Jacob's ladder fan-leaf cinquefoil maple-leaved currant flowers
white butterfly on Sitka valerian waterfall on the north side of Yocum Ridge waterfalls on the north side of Yocum Ridge McNeil Point Mount Hood & Sandy Glacier
Columbia tiger lily moss-covered trees wildflowers lupines, backlit northwest face of Mount Hood
Barrett Spur & McNeil Point Washington lily & Mount Hood scarlet columbine some kind of cinquefoil Adam's new car

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