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August 7-9, 2018: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

I stayed in Squamish for three nights and did three hikes in the area: Stawamus Chief, Joffre Lakes, and Garibaldi Lake. (I'd have done more, but it was ridiculously hot, plus I had to work in the evenings.)
steep granite hikers Howe Sound Second Peak & Mt. Garibaldi climber's trail
copperbush, going to seed climber's trail fixed chains First Peak & Howe Sound Squamish Valley
Third Peak & Mamquam Mountain slackliners & Mt. Garibaldi rattlesnake plantain Mt. Garibaldi, Mamquam Mountain, & Slhanay (The Squaw) climber's trail
granite cliffs salal berries Oleson Creek stairs granite cliffs
beach pea kiteboarders kiteboarder & Mamquam Mountain Mt. Garibaldi & Squamish River Estuary Stawamus Chief Mountain
Cayoosh Mountain, Peak S2 Lower Joffre Lake horsetails in Lower Joffre Lake hardhack (Douglas' spirea) devil's club, going to seed
Utah honeysuckle (red twin-berry) twisted-stalk berry red elderberries the trail five-leaf bramble
stairs fringed grass-of-parnassus Cayoosh Mountain & Lower Joffre Lake Middle Joffre Lake Middle Joffre Lake
Middle Joffre Lake & Slalok Mountain Holloway Falls Holloway Falls Upper Joffre Lake & Slalok Mountain meltwater from Matier Glacier
sparkles stiff club-moss Slalok Mountain & Middle Joffre Lake [bracket] black huckleberries fireweed, budding
Cayoosh Mountain pika oval-leaf huckleberry Metier Glacier & Lower Joffre Lake Tantalus Range
ill-advised scramble bunchberries twinflower pink wintergreen fleabane
green corn-lily leather-leaf saxifrage, covered in cobwebs lupine cotton-grass under-green willow
The Black Tusk boardwalk & mountains sickle-top lousewort lupines lupines
trail through lupines lupines scarlet paintbrush wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers hairy arnica Lewis' monkeyflower wildflowers wildflowers
Lewis' monkeyflower white bog orchid false asphodel wildflowers wildflowers
yellow willow-herb wildflowers wildflowers Tantalus Range western pasqueflowers
white paintbrush Panorama Ridge & wildflowers fleabane wildflowers pink mountain heather
partridgefoot Upper Rubble Creek alpine alumroot Panorama Peak broad-leaf fireweed
Garibaldi Lake panorama Sphinx Glacier yellow-pine chipmunk Castle Towers Mountain large-leaf avens
Garibaldi Lake fir trees & Garibaldi Lake umbel bitter-cress willow-herb Garibaldi Lake's outlet bay
slender bog orchid one-sided wintergreen Lesser Garibaldi Lake Rubble Creek's continuation The Barrier
The Barrier panorama smooth volcanic rock pearly everlasting Cloudburst Mountain, Mt. Wood, & Tricouni Peak yarrow
spreading stonecrop northwestern twayblade Sierra dome spider fireweed & Rubble Creek Rubble Creek

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