Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 25, 2019: Chenoweth Tableland, The Dalles, Oregon

rock pinnacle Carey's balsamroot bi-colored lupine (miniature lupine) balsamroot few-flowered blue-eyed-Mary
balsamroot bi-colored lupine (miniature lupine) balsamroot Carey's balsamroot & miniature lupine balsamroot
balsamroot balsamroot bi-colored cluster lily balsamroot & The Dalles bare-stem desert parsley
balsamroot on Seven-Mile Hill rusty popcorn flower lupines two colors of larkspur Eagle Cliffs
wallflower Eagle Cliffs caves occupied by birds wildflowers white plectritis
sticky-stem penstemon, budding long-spurred lupine balsamroot balsamroot naked broomrape
Carey's balsamroot lupines white-stem frasera, budding hills northwest of The Dalles long-spurred lupine
Menzie's fiddleneck Carey's balsamroot poet's shooting stars mule deer Chenoweth Creek

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