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August 15, 2010: Vista Ridge & Sunset on Mt. Hood, Oregon

Got on the trail just after 3:00; hiked up Vista Ridge to Eden Park & Cairn Basin; watched the sun set on Mt. Hood from a ridge above Wy'east Basin; returned to the trailhead in darkness. I'm proud to say I made it all the way down without turning on my headlamp once... the first-quarter moon helped a little.
western pasqueflower avalanche lilies avalanche lilies paintbrush Sitka valerian
tall mountain shooting star Mount Hood pink mountain heather fleabane half moon & hemlocks
Lewis' monkeyflower Eden Park Mount Hood & lupines west fork of Ladd Creek lupines & valerian
currants cinquefoil crossing Ladd Creek east fork of Ladd Creek Mount Hood
lupines white mountain heather paintbrush & lupine pink mountain heather Mt. Adams & a small stream
Mount Hood & Barrett Spur western pasqueflower western pasqueflower seed head western pasqueflower seed heads western pasqueflower seed heads
cinquefoil lupines western pasqueflower western pasqueflower seed heads lupine at sunset
paintbrush Cascade foothills Mount Hood & Barrett Spur Mount Rainier & Mount Adams at sunset Mount Hood
Mount Hood at sunset Mt. St. Helens at sunset Mt. St. Helens at sunset Mount Hood, after sunset half moon

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