Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 18, 2016: Baskett Slough N.W.R., Oregon

This album is full of weeds.
slender cinquefoil harvest brodiaea common centaury pale blue flax cut-leaf geranium
self-heal harvest brodiaea Willamette Valley gumweed Willamette Valley gumweed needle-leaf navarretia
gray hairstreak butterfly wild garlic Queen Anne's lace golden paintbrush wine-cup clarkia
blue-head gilia Oregon sunshine big pink clarkia mossy rose galls mossy rose galls
distant storms Baskett Butte yellow salsify seed-heads common madia (?) coast tarweed
harvest brodiaea green hyacinth brodiaea oak trees, grass, & clouds grass flowers
meadow checker-bloom yellow glandweed field bindweed corn chamomile singleton pea
Taverner's Marsh & Basket Butte red-winged blackbird Nelson's checker-mallow hardhack (Douglas' spirea) birds on a wire

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