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July 8, 2014: Sunrise Peak & Jumbo Peak, Dark Divide, Washington

The Dark Divide is a big swath of land in Gifford Pinchot National Forest that no one seems to know about. It's between Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, but north of Indian Heaven (map). It's a roadless area, but not a designated wilderness, so people are allowed to ride motorbikes there; hikers looking for peace and quiet might want to avoid it on weekends.

The last 15 photos on this page are from a post-hike side trip to the waterfalls on the Lewis River.
Mt. Rainier fine-toothed penstemon Peak 5205, Peak 5445, & Jumbo Peak red currant bracted lousewort
rusty saxifrage early blue (hooked) violet subalpine mariposa lily fine-toothed penstemon beargrass & Mt. Adams
bracted lousewort Columbia tiger lily dew on strawberry leaves rainiera subalpine mariposa lily
small-flowered penstemon paintbrush & penstemon along the trail panorama from Sunrise Peak rock-cress spotted saxifrage
shrubby penstemon Gordon's ivesia Sunrise Peak's summit McCoy Peak Jumbo Peak & an unnamed mountain
Juniper Ridge & Mt. Rainier cut-leaf fleabane avalanche lilies white rhododendron motorbike-rutted trail
prickly currant western bugbane Sunrise Peak & Peak 5205 bluebells magenta paintbrush
Langille Peak & McCoy Creek Valley Jumbo Peak from the north broadleaf arnica subalpine fleabane (wandering daisy) Craggy Peak, Shark Rock, Badger Peak, & Mt. St. Helens
Jumbo Peak from the south east side of Jumbo Peak scramble chute tiger lily & Jumbo Peak rosy pussy-toes
spreading stonecrop peregrine falcons cliff penstemon in the chute view to the south, down the chute
cut-leaf fleabane Jumbo Peak's summit ridge view to the north Mt. Adams Columbia lewisia
mountain sandwort pink mountain heather mountain goat fur snow buttercup feathery mitrewort
small-flowered penstemon corn lily, budding fine-toothed penstemon edible thistle Sunrise Peak
penstemon & paintbrush snow brush pinemat manzanita Sitka valerian vanilla-leaf
Babyshoe Pass sign Twin Falls foamflower Lewis River Lewis River Middle Falls
Lewis River Middle Falls Lewis River Middle Falls Copper Creek Falls Lewis River Lower Falls Lewis River Lower Falls
Lewis River Lower Falls motion blur Mt. St. Helens sunset Mt. St. Helens sunset Mt. St. Helens sunset

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