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July 16, 2016: Lookout Mountain, Badger Creek Wilderness, Oregon

Only the first half of these photos are from Lookout Mountain; then there are a few from the road to Lookout Mountain Trailhead (NF-4410) and Bulo Point (a few miles northeast of Lookout Mountain); and finally 22 from Horsethief Butte, in Washington across from The Dalles.
Mount Hood & low clouds west edge of Lookout Mountain Oregon sunshine in volcanic cinders scarlet gilia Mount Hood & low clouds
lance-leaf stonecrop ornate checkered beetle on subalpine mariposa lily wildflowers shrubby penstemon rainiera, budding
black twinberry (bearberry honeysuckle) penstemon penstemon, sulphur flower, & yarrow penstemon, sulphur flower, & yarrow sulphur-flower buckwheat & penstemon
shrubby penstemon & sulphur-flower buckwheat yellow-pine chipmunk Easter Island-like rock formation penstemon & sulphur flower spreading phlox
pink mountain heather tall mountain shooting star long-stalked clover elephant's-head lousewort plaintain-leaf buttercup
subalpine fleabane, starting to flower Sitka valerian Suksdorf's paintbrush wildflower meadow Gray's lovage (?), budding
glaucous penstemon glaucous penstemon scarlet columbine glaucous penstemon Verity & penstemon
view to the northeast cliffs false sunflower soapweed/soapwort Horsethief Butte & grasslands
rabbit-foot clover blanketflower hairy false golden-aster turkey mullein lupines
cut-leaf penstemon Mount Hood & Horsethief Lake Columbia goldenweed/goldenbush Mount Hood & Horsethief Lake Columbia Hills & Columbia River
hairy false golden-aster Columbia Hills Horsethief Butte & high clouds soapweed/soapwort red-osier dogwood
iridescent beetle on showy milkweed rose hips Columbia River gumweed American white pelicans clouds at sunset

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