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August 27, 2014: Sunrise & Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

I spent the night in Enumclaw, Washington, and headed up to Sunrise (on the northeast side of Mt. Rainier) just after sunrise. I hiked up along the rim of the White River Valley to 1st Burroughs and 2nd Burroughs Mountains, then went cross-country to Skyscraper Mountain, then headed back to my car via Berkeley Park and the Sourdough Mountains (map). But the alpine tundra was pretty barren, and I needed more of a wildflower fix... so I drove down to Paradise, on the south side of the mountain. I spent the evening wandering the meadows between Paradise and Glacier Vista, and I discovered that as the sun goes down, the crowds thin out and the animals start appearing.
Mt. Rainier Cascade asters explorer's gentian grouse whortleberries Shadow Lake
goldenrod Mt. Rainier & Emmons Glacier nodding arnica White River silverback luina
dwarf lupine Berkeley Park Mt. Fremont smooth mountain agoseris mountain goats
Cusick's speedwell subalpine daisies mountain goats west side of the ridge between Burroughs Mountain & Skyscraper Mountain east side of the ridge between Burroughs Mountain & Skyscraper Mountain
Engelmann spruce shrubby cinquefoil Mt. Rainier & Third Burroughs Mountain kinnickinnick Old Desolate, Sluiskin Mountain & West Fork White River
Grand Park Mt. Rainier & Third Burroughs Mountain closeup Parry's campion alpine yellow fleabane Skyscraper Mountain
Lodi Creek & Mt. Fremont rock garden western pasqueflower seed-heads American dipper (water ouzel) spring
alpine willow-herb (?) Mormon cricket western bistort & partridgefoot young marmot Davis' knotweed
Cascade ground squirrel Frozen Lake view to the southeast yellow coralbells Cascade asters
Huckleberry Basin & McNeeley Peak fleabane view to the northeast glacial waterfall below clouds Antler Peak
wildflowers wildflowers magenta paintbrush wildflowers deer & wildflowers
wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range wildflowers wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range widlflowers & rocks
widlflowers, rocks, & glaciers waterfall on Nisqually Glacier magenta paintbrush wildflowers & the Tatoosh Range bird's-beak lousewort
hoary marmot hoary marmot hoary marmot on a snowfield Mt. Rainier & Nisqually Glacier Tatoosh Range
Panorama Point wildflowers sooty grouse Cascade asters Columbian black-tailed deer
Columbian black-tailed deer wildflowers Tatoosh Range at sunset fireweed Pinnacle Peak & The Castle at sunset

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