Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 23, 2019: Angel's Rest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Pacific dogwood baneberry, budding Hooker's fairy bells maidenhair fern maidenhair fern
small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Cascade Oregon-grape flowers Upper Coopey Falls poison larkspur salmonberry flower
redwood sorrel western corydalis, budding western corydalis western trillium, fading female meadow-rue flowers
male meadow-rue flowers poison larkspur poison larkspur, normal and pale fringe cup, budding banana slug
sword fern, unfurling oaks toothwort bitter cherry, budding American winter-cress viburnum shoots
evergreen violets big-leaf sandwort Columbia River red-flowered currant serviceberry shoots
spring draba leafy pea trees in the mist Cascade desert parsley Columbia River Gorge
Columbia River view to the west trees in the mist Howell's pussy-toes kinnikinnick flowers
woodland phacelia leaves western trillium western bleeding hearts Pacific waterleaf, budding Oregon stonecrop, budding

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