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April 18-20, 2016: Central Washington

This was a three-day wildflower safari to the middle of Washington. February and March were ridiculously warm, so all the flowers were several weeks earlier than normal.

Day 1: Shrub-steppe & and rimrock at Ancient Lakes, then sunset on wildflowers and cactus at Beezley Hills.

Day 2: Chelan Butte & Lake Chelan, Sauer's Mountain, Sam Hill Preserve, Olalla Canyon, Peshastin Pinnacles.

Day 3: Wenatchee Foothills, Mountain Home Ridge, Yakima Canyon.

blue mustard Central Cascades & the Kittitas Valley sagebrush violet showy phlox narrow-leaf goldenweed
Umtanum desert-parlsey Douglas' phlox thyme-leaved buckwheat Hooker's balsamroot, onions, & white plectritis showy phlox
silky lupine onions, budding large-flowered cluster-lily sagebrush stickseed false agoseris
narrow-leaf tansy-mustard grand collomia petrified tree in a cage Carey's balsamroot & wild horse sculptures Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies
Grandfather Cuts Loose the Ponies upland larkspur Carey's balsamroot Ancient Lakes Valley thyme-leaved buckwheat
desert yellow daisy prairie star Ancient Lakes Ancient Lake Falls rimrock & a waterfall
bulbous blue-grass nine-leaf desert-parsley cushion fleabane desert yellow daisy dagger-pod
thyme-leaved buckwheat, budding sulphur lupine big-leaf lupines wildflowers & hills sulphur lupine
hedgehog cactus (snowball cactus) upland larkspur Hooker's balsamroot & prairie stars small bluebells prairie stars
large-flowered cluster-lilies prairie stars shooting star seeds sagebrush violet cryptantha
wildflowers thread-leaf phacelia hedgehog cactus (snowball cactus) hedgehog cactus (snowball cactus) sulphur lupine
big-leaf lupine arrow-leaf balsamroot & prairie stars Hooker's balsamroot moonrise over sagebrush horn-seed buttercup (bur buttercup)
yellow bells seed-pods sulphur lupine sulphur lupine & sagebrush Hooker's balsamroot & sulphur lupine sulphur lupine
sunset over the Enchantments Hooker's balsamroot & sulphur lupine Columbia River & Chelan Butte California quail Chelan River Gorge & half-burned pine tree
Daybreak Canyon Chelan penstemon wax currant Chelan Mountains & arrow-leaf balsamroot serviceberry flowers
tufted phlox Chelan Mountains, Lake Chelan, & Butte Lookout Road Lake Chelan Columbia River pea-vine
Oregon-grape lupines & mountains Enchantments, Icicle Ridge, & balsamroot showy phlox tall western groundsel?
red miner's lettuce showy phlox & balsamroot arrow-leaf balsamroot, just starting to bloom heart-leaf arnica serviceberry, budding
harsh paintbrush arrow-leaf balsamroot thin-petal larkspur The Enchantments & Icicle Ridge purple sickle-pod rock-cress
cat-faced spider (?) silvercrown luina fern-leaf desert parsley ball-head waterleaf lupines
cliffs & the Wenatchee Valley arrow-leaf balsamroot Brown's peony Wedge Mountain & the Enchantments Icicle Creek
naked broomrape worm-leaf stonecrop shooting stars camas sulphur-flower buckwheat
goldenrod crab spider on bastard toad-flax Edward Peak monkeyflower seep shooting stars & monkeyflower Carey's balsamroot
camas & monkeyflower buttercup-leaf mock-brookfoam buckwheat Wedge Mountain & wildflower-covered seeps camas & monkeyflower
western poison-ivy arrow-leaf balsamroot chocolate lily balsamroot balsamroot & lupines
three deer & balsamroot balsamroot balsamroot balsamroot pea-vine
balsamroot & lupines balsamroot balsamroot balsamroot Columbia puccoon
balsamroot balsamroot lupine & balsamroot balsamroot panorama corn gromwell
balsamroot & shadows balsamroot & shadows rigid fiddleneck chokecherry flowers thin-petal larkspur
Grand Central Tower & Sunset Slab fuzzy-tongue penstemon thread-leaf phacelia Grand Central Tower Dinosaur Tower & Sunset Slab
antelope bitterbrush woolly-pod milk-vetch silky lupine small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Number Two Canyon & Chopper Peak
cluster-lily, budding Castle Rock upland larkspur & lupine leaves balsamroot & Chopper Peak panicled death-camas
view to the south-southwest fuzzy-tongue penstemon Wenatchee Saddle Rock high point Saddle Rock
bare-stem desert parsley showy phlox lance-leaf spring beauty California quail long-leaf phlox
western fence lizard antelope bitterbrush glacier lily Drury Falls white corn lily, emerging
Oregon anemone Cashmere Mountain & Icicle Creek Oregon boxleaf lance-leaf spring beauty Wedge Mountain, the Enchantments, & Cashmere Mountain
Icicle Creek Valley & Leavenworth balsamroot & Cashmere Mountain Mountain Home Ridge panorama balsamroot with last year's dead "skirt" Sierra pea
early blue violets Oregon anemones red-flowered currant Yakima Canyon & Yakima River three pairs of water striders
horsetail & Umtanum Creek black hawthorn flowers spider on a bridge Yakima Canyon & Yakima River windmills

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