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March 23, 2017: Coyote Wall & The Labyrinth, Washington

The wildflowers were very late in 2017; usually you'd get photos like these in the first week of March.
prairie stars prairie stars pungent desert-parsley grass widows Columbia desert-parsley
grass widows white grass widow striped grass widows salt-and-pepper (Piper's desert-parsley) grass widows
grass widows montia grass widows & the Columbia River grass widows grass widows & prairie stars
grass widows & prairie stars yellow bells gold stars gold stars, from below saxifrage
yellow bells salt-and-pepper & a pine cone spring whitlow-grass prairie stars green hills in Washington & lingering snow in Oregon
striped grass widow grass widows grass widows grass widows & the Columbia River manroot flowers
prairie stars & whitlow-grass at Little Maui Falls prairie stars & whitlow-grass at Little Maui Falls Little Maui Falls oak glen buttercups
slimy green 'stalactites' slimy green 'stalactites' meadow nemophila gold stars & whitewater balsamroot, budding
cascade on Labyrinth Creek gold stars & grass widows seedling in moss wildflowers & a crag balsamroot
small waterfall gold stars gold stars & prairie stars larkspur, budding Coyote Wall

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