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August 6, 2019: Mowich Lake to Spray Park, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

This was a loop: south from Mowich Lake on the Wonderland Trail, then southeast on the Spray Park Trail to Spray Falls, then northeast through Spray Park, then northwest to the top of Mt. Pleasant and finally over Knapsack Pass back to the trailhead.
pika leather-leaf saxifrage Brewer's mitrewort, going to seed Mowich Lake false bugbane
subalpine spirea bracted lousewort & a flower fly western larkspur Scouler's corydalis brook saxifrage
one-sided wintergreen Mount Rainier northwestern twayblade white hawkweed rusty saxifrage, going to seed
Grant Creek spreading stonecrop Cascades penstemon Spray Falls alpine speedwell
white rhododendron slender bog orchid yellow willow-herb & Lewis' monkeyflower explorer's gentian Cascades frog tadpoles
wildflowers Mt. Rainier lousewort wildflowers wildflowers bird's-beak lousewort
white mountain heather tall mountain shooting stars subalpine fleabane pink mountain heather Cascades frog
coiled-beak lousewort Cusick's speedwell magenta paintbrush lupines & Mt. Rainier Mt. Rainier & subalpine meadows
Hessong Rock, Mt. Pleasant, & wildflowers avalanche lilies Mt. Rainier lousewort wildflowers & Mother Mountain wildflowers & Mother Mountain
Tolmie's saxifrage Mist Park & Mother Mountain magenta paintbrush & Mt. Rainier magenta paintbrush & Mt. Rainier lousewort Mist Park
Mount Rainier basin below Knapsack Pass Davidson's penstemon tufted saxifrage Hessong Rock
yellow penstemon Mount Rainier Mt. Pleasant panorama Strickland's umbrella-wort basin below Knapsack Pass
mountains to the northeast snowmelt pools alpine bog laurel white marsh-marigold Mount Rainier & fell fields
coiled-beak lousewort & Mother Mountain tundra asters basin below Knapsack Pass broad-leaf arnica smooth alumroot
little-leaf spring-beauty narrow-sepal phacelia showy Jacob's-ladder Knapsack Pass cut-leaf fleabane
northern goldenrod forked wormwood (three-forked mugwort) harebells western pasqueflower seed-heads basin west of Knapsack Pass
bird's-beak lousewort west side of Knapsack Pass heart-leaf saxifrage two kinds of monkeywflower monkeyflower & willow-herb
stream west of Knapsack Pass beargrass subalpine fleabane Columbia lewisia fan-leaf cinquefoil
wildflowers Hornemann's willow-herb wildflowers Mowich Lake northern microseris

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