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November 9, 2015: La Barge Canyon, Superstition Mountains, Arizona

A hiking book suggested doing this hike as a partial loop (lollipop/balloon), but I ended up making it into a full loop by going off trail up Lower La Barge Canyon and Lower Boulder Canyon; here's a map of my route. (It would have been a LOT easier to do it clockwise. Oops.)
Four Peaks fairy duster rough menodora (broom twinberry) red-gland spurge (sandmat) saguaro & prickly pears
christmas cholla slender janusia seeds hedgehog cacti Graham's nipple cactus Canyon Lake
dry canyon California fuchsia four-spike heliotrope slimjim bean grasses
grass flowers red-whisker clammy-weed sweetbush honeybee on sweetbush narrow canyon walls
desert tobacco pearly everlasting? Wright's thimble-head Mexican skullcap overgrown route
reflected trees rocky canyon queen butterfly on desert-broom honeybee on desert-broom California fuchsia
Battleship Mountain & temporary water desert barrel cactus honeybee on broom snakeweed trailing windmills prickly pears along the trail
Geronimo Head bird's nest in a buckhorn cholla spreading fleabane white-woolly twin-tip trailing windmills
green-spot nightshade Battleship Mountain & Geronimo Head shrubby golden-eye California buckwheat agave flower stalk
steep canyon walls leopard frog La Barge Pool minnows false golden-aster?
box canyon aster canyon walls & pools white-woolly twin-tip Battleship Mountain & Geronimo Head
roving sailor Battleship Mountain desert rock-pea teddy-bear chollas Geronimo Head
Battleship Mountain Geronimo Head & Battleship Mountain wolfberry barrel cactus flower bud Palmer's Indian-mallow
New Mexico silverbush star cloak fern mountains south of Canyon Lake prickly Russian thistle Lower La Barge Canyon, from above
Geronimo Head, Battleship Mountain, & Weaver's Needle ocotillo, with leaves Tortilla Creek Valley & Four Peaks Canyon Lake common side-blotched lizard

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