Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 22, 2016: Cone Peak & Iron Mountain, Willamette National Forest, Oregon

bunchberry flowers prickly currant great polemonium (royal jacob's-ladder) Cascade penstemon western coralroot
musk monkeyflower wildflowers blue gilia & Oregon sunshine blue gilia, Oregon sunshine, & larkspur creamy stonecrop
Oregon sunshine, blue gilia, & larkspur wildflowers death-camas scarlet gilia American vetch
subalpine mariposa lily bastard toadflax & blue-eyed-mary mountain sandwort larkspur & sandwort South Peak
Cone Peak & wildflowers wildflowers Cone Peak & wildflowers wildflowers harsh paintbrush & larkspur
hairstreak butterfly on cinquefoil paintbrush, sandwort, & Cone Peak scalloped onion, going to seed heart-leaf buckwheat & Cone Peak Cone Peak & wildflowers
blue-head gilia Cone Peak & blue-head gilia gilia, larkspur, & Oregon sunshine gilia, larkspur, & Oregon sunshine wildflowers
wildflowers wildflowers Pacific fritillary butterfly on Sitka valerian wildflowers Iron Mountain & wildflowers
alpine knotweed view to the north hot rock penstemon sulphur flower & blue gilia Gordon's alpine ivesia
Cascade stonecrop Anicia checkerspot butterfly Cone Peak creamy stonecrop cliff penstemon
Cardwell's penstemon subalpine mariposa lilies paintbrush with very thin leaves Sitka valerian sticky currant
blue flax scarlet gilia & heart-leaf buckwheat Cone Peak & the Cascades baneberry flowers tall bluebells
coral fungus wild ginger Jessica's stickseed piggy-pack plant lava cliffs
wildflowers & lava Brewer's monkeyflower trail through thimbleberries blue flax rainiera, budding
mountain owl-clover Three Sisters & cliffs small-flowered penstemon & yarrow white-streaked huckleberry leaves lava pinnacles, Three Sisters, & Browder Ridge
cliff penstemon golden-mantled ground squirrel Iron Mountain's pinnacle Cone Peak, North Peak, Echo Mountain, South Peak, & Mt. Jefferson Mt. Hood, Coffin Mountain, & Bachelor Mountain
Iron Mountain panorama bracted lousewort scarlet gilia silver wormwood (western mugwort) lupines, budding
Sierra pea-vine small-flowered penstemon, white form cinquefoil meadow full of alpine knotweed bald-hip rose
Bolander's ragwort Oregon bedstraw wild ginger bead lily the trail

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