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June 29 - July 2, 2012: Mt. Lassen & vicinity, California

This was part of a multi-day road trip to northeastern California. The first photo-worthy spot was Castle Crags, which has its own album. After that we went down to Chico, then spent a couple nights in Chester and explored Lassen Volcanic National Park and the surrounding area. We headed home via Weed, Klamath Falls, Bend, Sisters, and McKenzie Pass; OR-242, the McKenzie Highway, had just opened for the season a few days earlier.
Sierra onion Sierra onion Lemmon's catchfly slender cryptantha whitewater
Plumas County beardtongue (derived penstemon) wild rose western blue-eyed grass western blue-eyed grass streambank bird's-foot trefoil
primrose monkeyflower milk kelloggia California stickseed Sierra triteleia (slender triplet lily) bright green algae in a warm spring
monkeyflower petals floating in a warm spring meadow beardtongue blue butterfly on Gray's lovage naked mariposa lily Hoffmann's checkerspot butterfly on pussypaws
pussypaws trapper's tea (western Labrador tea) hot mud springs geothermal field colorful geothermal deposits
steam Hot Springs Creek fir seedlings fir seedlings mariposa lily
Brewer's monkeyflower Tracy & Mt. Harkness thimbleberry flowers lava flow red-osier dogwood
mountain coyote mint cascades leopard lily Sierra bog orchid fallen speedwell flowers
sticky cinquefoil Brewer's bittercress Domingo Spring Sierra bog orchid sticky cinquefoil
Brewer's bittercress & yellow monkeyflower Jessica's stickseed western waterleaf meadow-rue (female flowers) bulbiferous woodland stars
bleeding hearts purple fawn lilies Mt. Lassen pinemat manzanita western spring beauty
western spring beauty Sierra stickseed conifers & ponds dagger pod marsh-marigolds
meadow full of marsh-marigolds Brokeoff Mountain & Lassen Peak bush chinquapin view to the southeast golden-mantled ground squirrel
Little Hot Springs Valley The Squirrel Whisperer golden-mantled ground squirrel clouds over the west ridge western bladder-pod
goose-foot violet Drummond's anemone Drummond's anemone wavy-leaf paintbrush wallflower
California ground-cone Bumpass Mountain et al. fir seedlings wolf lichen snow mold
Brokeoff Mountain & a meadow alpine shooting stars stickseed unknown buds mite galls on an alder leaf
lupine boiling mud pool chemically-altered rocks steam & Mt. Diller woolly mule's ears
Sulphur Works woolly mule's ears Diamond Peak crags above East Sulphur Creek Little Hot Springs Valley
Lake Helen broken rocks near Lake Helen alpine shooting stars & marsh-marigolds wax currant Anderson's lupine
snow plant Chaos Crags sunset on Mt. Shasta sunset on Mt. Shasta varied-leaf phacelia
moon over Mt. Shasta Dee Wright Observatory Little Belknap & Mt. Washington Black Crater & Belknap lava flows tall mountain shooting stars
white marsh-marigolds tall mountain shooting stars small white violet Pacific tree frog western toad
fan-leaf cinquefoil Gorman's buttercup maidenhair ferns warm pool McKenzie River

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