Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 2-3, 2006: Sisters & Smith Rock

sculptured pine borer beetle Oregon sunshine (woolly sunflower) Deschutes monkeyflower dwarf purple monkeyflower Three Sisters panorama, midday
Black Crater a well-irrigated llama lowly penstemon yarrow yarrow
yellow buckwheat ponderosa pines fritillary butterfly fritillary butterfly some kind of grass
approaching thunderstorm Broken Top & Three Sisters panorama, at sunset storm clouds Broken Top at sunset sunset
distant storm clouds storm clouds above the Three Sisters storm clouds California quail cumulonimbus cloud at sunset
storm clouds Three Sisters panorama, morning Middle Sister & North Sister South Sister black-tailed deer
green-banded (sagebrush) mariposa lily rock walls wax currant berries juniper berries rock formations
Black Butte Smith Rock green-banded (sagebrush) mariposa lily green-banded (sagebrush) mariposa lily Smith Rock panorama
rock pinnacles Western fence lizard Western fence lizard green-banded (sagebrush) mariposa lily Richardson's penstemon
Crooked River & Smith Rock Canada thistle in a marshy area small-flowered forget-me-not rush flowers monkeyflower & cattails

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