Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 10, 2013: Hamilton Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

fringe cup large-flowered false solomon's-seal American vetch ladybug in a lupine leaf Pacific starflower
vanilla-leaf black bee on a strawberry flower star-flowered false solomon's-seal large-leaf avens Hardy Falls
stonecrop common cryptantha small-flowered blue-eyed mary Pool of the Winds Rodney Falls
woodland stars larkspur rosy plectritis cliffs little-leaf montia
Sitka mistmaidens cliffs red-backed jumping spider chocolate lilies death-camas
small-flowered deer-vetch larkspur wildflowers Hamilton Mountain wildflowers
serviceberry flowers phlox & cliffs phlox Hooker's fairy bells Oregon-grape flowers
big-leaf sandwort violets Table Mountain & Mt. Adams red-flowering currant harsh paintbrush
vine maple flowers trillium Hamilton Mountain Oregon anemone bleeding hearts
salmonberries bleeding hearts in front of a tree budding windflower trailing blackberry Sierra pea-vine

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