Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 8, 2014: Garrapata State Park, Big Sur, California

Santa Lucia Range wild radish Monterey Indian paintbrush yellow spider on a yellow lupine sticky monkeyflower
mission prickly pear cactus ("Indian fig") horsetails California sandaster & poison-oak hedge-nettle deerweed (California broom)
blue fiesta flower blue-blossom ceanothus California hedge-nettle, suspended in mid-air seaside alumroot silver bush lupine
California poppy California blackberry blackberry petal caught in a spider web blue fiesta flower spreading larkspur, budding
miner's lettuce redwood sorrel starry false solomon's-seal sticky snakeroot California maidenhair fern under coast redwoods
California toothwort spider pretending to be a stick hummingbird sage / crimson sage hummingbird sage / crimson sage giant vetch
water droplets on horsetail coast paintbrush Hooker's fairy bells ("drops of gold") coast sanicle blue dicks
feathery false solomon's-seal woodland star California man-root western fence lizard silver bush lupine
phacelia California cudweed ("ladies' tobacco") dense false gilia iridescent beetle on California poppy coastal tarweed
variable linanthus California goldfields baby blue eyes baby blue eyes padre's shooting star
western blue-eyed grass wildflowers cobwebby thistle fringe pod / lacepod scarlet pimpernel
blue dicks (and California poppies) miniature lupine fog over the Pacific Ocean Palo Corona & California poppies dwarf checkerbloom & California poppies
long-beaked filaree California buttercup blue-eyed grass & California violets (and Doud Peak) red maids fiddleneck
dwarf checkerbloom, blue-eyed grass, & violets spreading larkspur California buttercups cream cups cream cups
popcorn flowers grass blazing-star silver bush lupine Soberanes Canyon coastal fog
hairy golden aster poison hemlock California goldenbush sun and fog lupines in foggy sunlight
redberry buckthorn poison-oak flowers island morning-glory (and sheep sorrel) rocky headlands Monterey cypress cones

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