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June 12, 2018: Dome Rock & Sardine Mountain, Willamette National Forest, Oregon

This was three short trips in one, in the mountains north of Detroit Lake. First, I hiked to the top of Dome Rock via the Tumble Ridge Trail. Then I drove over to Knutson Saddle and hiked/scrambled up Sardine Mountain, which was a ton of fun. Finally, I went west and north on Forest Road 2223 as far as my little car could handle (which turned out to be about 200 yards short of end of the road) and checked out Phantom Natural Bridge.
rusty-hair saxifrage creamy stonecrop, budding broad-leaf stonecrop cliff penstemon little-leaf montia
slender mountain sandwort subalpine mariposa lily scalloped onion flowers Dome Rock's summit Alaska rein orchid, budding
bastard toad-flax Mt. Washington, Three Sisters, & Detroit Lake wallflower subalpine mariposa lily small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary
juniper pollen cones (male flowers) rugged cliffs Sitka valerian, budding twayblade, budding last year's pipsissewa seeds
Elephant Rock, Mt. Washington, & Three Sisters avalanche lilies western rhododendron western rhododendron Sardine Mountain's southeast slope
Dome Rock & Mt. Jefferson red-flowering currant & paintbrush lupine beargrass & paintbrush paintbrush
buckwheat, budding wallflower & paintbrush alpine penny-cress creamy stonecrop Douglas' catchfly
serviceberry, budding kinnickinnick (bearberry) flowers Elephant Rock, Tumble Rock, & Tumble Lake [bracket] cinquefoil leafy fleabane, budding
Dome Rock, Elephant Rock, Tumble Lake, Mt. Jefferson, & Three Sisters spotted saxifrage leaves scarlet gilia, budding scalloped onion flowers rosy pussy-toes
Mt. Jefferson & Sardine Mountain Sardine Mountain panorama Sardine Mountain's summit wallflower Sardine Mountain's summit ridge
Dome Rock & Mt. Jefferson Sardine Mountain's southeast slope small-flowered alumroot subalpine mariposa lily beargrass
serviceberry flowers bracken fern fiddleheads evergreen violets Oregon anemone cliff-edge road
spreading phlox spreading phlox subalpine mariposa lily & scalloped onions Phantom Natural Bridge western trillium
Phantom Natural Bridge, from below Phantom Natural Bridge cliff penstemon Nootka cypress (Alaska cedar) cone stream across the road
bleeding hearts Mt. Jefferson & Dome Rock western trillium south fork of French Creek Cardwell's penstemon

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