Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 24, 2018: Sawtooth Lake & Alpine Peak, Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho

scarlet gilia Sawtooth Mountains arrow-leaf groundsel sulphur-flower buckwheat lupines
white mariposa lily seed capsules sagebrush, budding Sawtooth Mountains after sunset Sawtooth Mountains at sunrise white-stem frasera, going to seed
white mariposa lily white mariposa lily hardhack (Douglas' spirea) grouse whortleberries phacelia
alpine knotweed white-veined pyrola golden-mantled ground squirrel pipsissewa Alpine Peak
ball-head sandwort sticky paintbrush thistle large mountain fleabane valley walls
globe penstemon American saw-wort, budding subalpine fleabane narrow-leaf arnica Mexican bedstraw
white mariposa lilies paintbrush & mariposa lilies slender cinquefoil fool's huckleberry pinkish paintbrush
saw-toothed ridge Alpine Peak & Alpine Lake scabland penstemon sticky paintbrush Alpine Peak & Alpine Lake
elephant's-head lousewort penstemon bush penstemon Tweedy's snow-lover headwaters of Iron Creek
white mountain heather tall mountain shooting stars Sawtooth Lake yellow columbine columbine
hairy arnica Sawtooth Lake & Mount Regan yellow columbine broad-leaf arnica Sawtooth Lake
Sawtooth Lake Rydberg's penstemon Nuttall's linanthus Oregon sunshine Nuttall's linanthus
fleabane shrubby cinquefoil white mariposa lilies white mariposa lilies paintbrush & mariposa lilies
Coville's paintbrush penstemon three-leaf lewisia wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers Tweedy's snow-lover Tweedy's snow-lover varied-leaf cinquefoil Mt. Regan
paintbrush & heather tall mountain shooting stars wildflowers pink mountain heather Mt. Regan & Sawtooth Lake panorama
pink mountain heather unknown fleabane snow buttercups Cusick's speedwell cord-root beardtongue
alpine-gold alpine-gold, budding Sawtooth Lake broad-leaf arnica alpine collomia
Jacob's-ladder alpine sandwort spotted saxifrage wild raspberry, growing in talus cushion buckwheat, red form
Drummond's anemones, going to seed view to the southeast view to the east alpine golden buckwheat snowfield near the summit
Gordon's ivesia rock-fringe willow-herb, budding lowly penstemon Douglas' pincushion Alpine Lake
Alpine Lake Alpine Peak summit panorama view to the south view to the southeast east side of Alpine Peak
cord-root beardtongue cream-colored cinquefoil meltwater tarn & mountains to the southeast arnica & globe penstemon globe penstemon & arnica
elephant's-head lousewort elephant's-head lousewort western bog-laurel wildflowers in a wet meadow Alpine Peak
cirque above Alpine Lake snow buttercups bracted lousewort long-spurred violet alpine speedwell
explorer's gentian slender bog orchid Alpine Peak & Alpine Lake jagged ridge ford

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