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July 27-28, 2013: Mt. Thielsen & Diamond Lake, Oregon

I also posted a full trip report (with fewer photos, but more words) on

Here's a map.
Mount Bailey & Diamond Lake Douglas's spirea (hardhack) police car moth nettle-leaf horse-mint western coneflower
candystick grouse whortleberry pipsissewa the trail pinesap
Mount Thielsen horseback riders Mount Thielsen & a Seussian hemlock Mount Thielsen's summit sap dripping from a pine branch
remnants of Mt. Mazama (Crater Lake) Mount Bailey & Diamond Lake climbing the sketchy trail gully on the west side of the summit scree-filled trail & wide views
jacob's-ladder & phacelia leaves Adam sticky cinquefoil scree/talus & volcanic crags routefinding on chunky scree
sticky cinquefoil the last section of the "trail" Holly's Ridge crags Adam & Tracy
looking down on Lathrop Glacier Mt. Thielsen's summit pinnacle top of Cottonwood Creek boulders on the summit view to the north (Howlock Mountain)
view to the south (toward Crater Lake) Cascade catchfly dwarf alpinegold Tracy perched on a spur of "Chicken Ridge" edge of the mountain
a big pinnacle and a snowfield the summit layered rock formations descending a scree field Lewis' monkeyflower & hairy arnica
Lewis' monkeyflower & hairy arnica crags & scree crags & clouds folded rocks & scree alpine buckwheat
Shasta knotweed cobwebby paintbrush cobwebby paintbrush pioneer rock-cress western pasqueflower
mountain hemlock cones partridgefoot barren pumice slope traversing the pumice slope silvery raillardella
Mount Thielsen Mount Thielsen partridgefoot, heather, & Mount Thielsen Thielsen's north ridge fur
Mount Thielsen fungus dwarf lupine last view of Thielsen lumpy conifer
Drew's silky lupine (?) large mountain monkeyflower tunnel under Highway 138 smoke from the Douglas Complex Fire Mt. Thielsen & Diamond Lake
travertine stalactites travertine stalactites by the river travertine formations hot springs North Umpqua River

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