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July 31, 2009: Gnarl Ridge, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Originally, the plan was to check out the wildflowers at Elk Meadows -- but Elk Meadows was seriously disappointing in the flower department. I don't know if we were too late, too early, or just misguided in thinking it was a good spot.
Newton Creek Mount Hood & Newton Creek tall bluebells unusually purple fireweed water flowing underground
Elk Meadows Elk Meadows asters asters bead lily
lupine-filled meadow hemlock needles on snow Mount Hood & Newton Creek Canyon folded volcanic rock top of Lamberson Butte
Cooper Spur Gnarl Ridge & the Timberline Trail from above area burned by 2008 Gnarl Ridge fire area burned by 2008 Gnarl Ridge fire old lava
turtlehead white-veined pyrola Mount Hood & Newton Creek Mount Hood & Newton Creek broad-jumping across Newton Creek
Lamberson Butte glaucous willowherb & yellow monkeyflower glaucous willowherb paintbrush & lupine black twinberry
bearberries (kinnickinnick) pinedrops small-flowered penstemon sickletop lousewort flood plain

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