Adam Schneider's
digital photos

June 11, 2015: Saddle Mountain, Oregon

salmonberry thicket tooth-leaved monkeyflower misty trail inside-out flower thimbleberry flowers
marine layer Smith's fairy bells spotted coralroot Pacific starflower bald-hip rose
paintbrush Scouler's valerian rosy plectritis & yellow monkeyflower nodding onion few-flowered clover
rosy plectritis nodding onion little-leaf montia small-flowered deer-vetch coast penstemon
Oregon iris small-flowered blue-eyed-mary salmonberry feathery false solomon's-seal Saddle Mountain saxifrage?
Columbian larkspur (cow poison) farewell-to-spring Mexican hedge-nettle self-heal blue sky & basalt cliffs
hairy-stemmed checker mallow hairy-stemmed checker mallow American vetch cow parsnip seeds unripe thimbleberries
columbine piggyback plant wildflowers marine layer & Saddle Mountain yellow rattle
cliff larkspur & rosy plectritis rosy plectritis & grass steep wildflower meadow rosy lewisia Olympic onion
east side of Saddle Mountain Oregon sunshine & rosy plectritis Alice's fleabane Saddle Mountain prairie smoke
clasping-leaf twisted-stalk wildflowers Columbia tiger lilies wildflowers western bistort
midget phlox western coneflower fringe-cup sticky cinquefoil bronze bells (western feather-bells)
hairy-stemmed checker mallow rock sandwort moth on Oregon sunshine Cascade desert-parsley wallflower
view to the northeast nodding onion Arctic sandwort Pacific ninebark flowers spotted (yellow-dot) saxifrage
spotted saxifrage leaves tufted saxifrage flowers & stonecrop leaves long-stalked clover small-flowered alumroot sharp ridges
western meadow-rue (male flowers) sharp ridges cliff larkspur cliffs & fog noble fir flowers
Douglas's catchfly fuzzy galls on serviceberry leaves Nootka rose wildflowers wildflowers
monkeyflower view to the south spreading phlox blue-eyed grass Nuttall's saxifrage
small-headed clover bead lily Columbia windflower sorrel-carpeted forest view from the parking lot

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