Adam Schneider's
digital photos

May 14, 2014: Mount Pisgah, Lane County, Oregon

The first 10 photos in this album were taken in Eugene's Meadowlark Prairie on the evening of May 13. The rest are from Mt. Pisgah the following evening.
harlequin lotus spider on Oregon sunshine camas popcorn flower (?) big-leaf lupine
big-leaf lupine narrow-leaf mule's-ears Idaho blue-eyed grass popcorn flower or cryptantha smooth vetch / lentil vetch
poison larkspur cow parsnip Tolmie's mariposa lily Tolmie's mariposa lily fork-tooth ookow
checker-mallow narrow-leaf onion narrow-leaf onion slopes of Mt. Pisgah Oregon iris
rosy plectritis monkeyflower Tolmie's mariposa lily Pacific houndstongue seeds Oregon sunshine
woolly-head clover pinkish yarrow purple clover sand clover burrowing clover
Mt.Pisgah map pedestal Diamond Peak grass pea Tolmie's mariposa lily baby blue eyes
Oregon geranium fork-tooth ookow narrow-leaf onion spring meadow checker-mallow
poison larkspur ox-eye daisy wild carrot (Queen Anne's lace) woolly vetch (?) fork-tooth ookow

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