Adam Schneider's
digital photos

April 25, 2019: Dog Mountain, Columbia River Gorge, Washington

Cascade Oregon-grape flowers leafy pea flowers lupine, budding miner's lettuce nine-leaf desert parsley
poison-oak flower buds color-changing forget-me-nots balsamroot manroot flowers larkspur & manroot
white western groundsel future fossil? small-flowered willow-herb small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Wind Mountain
small-flowered tonella Hooker's fairy bells striped coralroot western starflower, budding harsh paintbrush
evergreen violets oaks tootwort Howell's violet calypso orchid mushroom
Dutchman's breeches red-flowered currant starry false-solomon's-seal shoots wild ginger shoots sweet coltsfoot, budding
prairie stars balsamroot shoots yellow bells Columbia kittentails spring-beauty & kittentails
lance-leaf spring-beauty wildflowers gold stars wildflowers alpine penny-cress, budding
wildflowers Wind Mountain & the Columbia River glacier lily Columbia kittentails wildflowers
spring-beauty & spring draba pioneer violets western trillium western trillium orange jelly cone fungus
wildflowers gold stars & lance-leaf spring-beauty Scouler's hawkweed leaves Dutchman's breeches western trillium
ball-head waterleaf unknown composite, budding western buttercups woodland strawberry chocolate lily

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