Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 13, 2019: Mt. McLoughlin, Sky Lakes Wilderness, Oregon

California stickseed white-vein pyrola, budding green-flowered wild ginger flower white-vein pyrola spotted coralroot
pipsissewa, budding Fourmile Lake & Pelican Butte Upper Klamath Lake talus pine-mat manzanita
view to the east Davidson's penstemon green-flowered wild ginger leaves cobwebby paintbrush green-flowered wild ginger
spreading phlox feathery false solomon's-seal alpine buckwheat sharp-tooth angelica leaves Fish Lake
summit ridge Mount McLoughlin panorama Sierra buckwheat bleeding hearts Davis' knotweed
dwarf alpine-gold crags & clouds lava crags the summit unexpected green patch
the angle of a stratovolcano bumblebees Brown Mountain peaks in Mountain Lake Wilderness northwest ridge
Fourmile Lake & Pelican Butte green scarab/chafer beetle ladybug on my shoe Mount Shasta & The Eddys eroded crater
randkluft (moat above a snowfield) crags below the summit view north toward Crater Lake off-trail scree slope white fungus & black beetle
Shasta lupine starry false solomon's-seal northwestern twayblade bead lilies Columbia windflowers
scarlet gilia mountain pennyroyal dwarf chamaesaracha pea-vine Oregon sunshine (and an ant)

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