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May 22, 2017: Finley National Wildlife Refuge & Mary's Peak, Oregon

The main botanical attraction at William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge is the golden paintbrush (Castilleja levisecta), which used to be extinct in Oregon but has been reintroduced in a few protected areas. It seems to be doing well.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I also stopped by Mary's Peak, about 12 miles west of Finley NWR. It was too early for most wildflowers; there were still a few patches of snow near the summit.

golden paintbrush Oregon iris Oregon iris golden paintbrush, rosy plectritis, & checker-mallow rose checker-mallow
great camas graceful cinquefoil Oregon iris golden paintbrush bee approaching rose checker-mallow
fork-toothed ookow rose checker-mallow Oregon sunshine golden paintbrush meadow golden paintbrush, checker-mallow, & Oregon sunshine
true baby stars large-leaf avens Cabell Marsh blue field-madder beard lichen
big-leaf lupines big-leaf lupines big-leaf lupines great camas rose checker-mallow
narrow-leaf mule's ears peacock larkspur buttercups & popcorn flower camas popcorn flower & monkeyflower
great camas peacock larkspur marsh speedwell willow-herb (which?) meadow checker-bloom
willow-herb (which?) foothill poppies Alder Creek Falls Parker Creek Falls Smith's fairy bells
snow queen Lyall's anemone glacier lilies view to the west Martindale's desert parsley
small-flowered blue-eyed-Mary Cascade volcanoes Oregon fawn lilies pioneer violets forget-me-nots

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