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March 2019: Tidepools on the Central Oregon Coast

Most of these are from Boiler Bay (just north of Depoe Bay), because those are the best tidepools I know of. But there are also a few from Lincoln City and Otter Rock. (See also the "Oregon Coast Odds & Ends" album.)
aggregating anemones purple sea urchins giant green anemone gumboot chiton ochre sea star
northern striped dogwinkle Pacific blood star calcareous tubeworm & purple encrusting sponge spotted leopard dorid (nudibranch) Pacific rock crab
Pacific rock crabs purple encrusting sponge spotted leopard dorid (nudibranch) mossy chiton black oystercatcher
harbor seals gumboot chiton rainbow-leaf seaweed harbor seals harbor seal
dense-clumped kelp tidepools & Cape Foulweather Cape Foulweather tidepools tidepools & Cape Foulweather
bright green algae inner walls of Devil's Punchbowl moonglow anemone brooding anemone red sea urchin
lined chiton sea-lemon nudibranch sea-lemon nudibranch closed anemone double-crested cormorants
western gulls cove north of Boiler Bay urchin beds Boiler Bay orange encrusting sponge
red sponge nudibranchs on red velvet sponge brooding anemone moonglow anemone hairy hermit crab & a tiny brooding anemone Christmas anemone
Christmas anemone, hanging down red velvet sponge rough keyhole limpet leather star pale giant green anemones
waves & rocks purple shore crab giant acorn barnacle purple encrusting sponge algae-covered rock
dogwinkle & algae intertidal snails flattened Ahnfelt's seaweed wrinkled purple whelks thatched barnacles

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