Adam Schneider's
digital photos

July 15, 2015: Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington

Here's a map.
pipsissewa rattlesnake plantain Cascade asters corn lily Old Snowy Mountain & Ives Peak
Cascade asters paintbrush American saw-wort, budding rainiera Angry Mountain
larkspur mitrewort seeds western pasqueflower seed-heads larkspur Stonewall Ridge
Hawkeye Point paintbrush & asters ridge above Jordan Basin sharp-tooth angelica Douglas' sagewort (California mugwort)
harebells shrubby cinquefoil alpine goldenrod pink mountain heather Lewis' monkeyflower
Mertens' rushes paintbrush & Lewis' monkeyflower trail through wildflowers bracted lousewort Jordan Basin & Mt. St. Helens
upper Goat Creek Valley Goat Ridge panorama paintbrush & other wildflowers Milbert's tortoiseshell butterfly wildflowers along a stream
wildflowers magenta paintbrush bird's-beak lousewort alpine buckwheat alpine buckwheat
spreading phlox arctic fritillary butterfly Johnson Peak & Mt. Rainier golden fleabane partridgefoot, lupines, & paintbrush
Mt. Adams & Goat Ridge Hawkeye Point fleabane & pine white butterfly magenta paintbrush white small-flowered penstemon
silky phacelia lupines Edith's checkerspot butterfly on yarrow mountain goat Goat Lake, Old Snowy, & Ives Peak
mountain goat ridge north of Hawkeye Point Goat Lake, Old Snowy, & Ives Peak Hawkeye Point & cliffs spotted saxifrage
forked wormwood tufted saxifrage purple mountain saxifrage leaves alpine mountain-sorrel scramble route
mountain goats Tolmie's saxifrage monkeyflower wildflowers monkeyflower & willow-herb
Nelson's brook saxifrage wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers
wildflowers Lily Basin Trail wildflowers along a stream Cascade timberline grasshopper wildflowers
wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers Johnson Creek Basin & Hawkeye Point Heart Lake
coiled-beak lousewort wildflowers wildflowers along a stream monkeyflower wildflowers
Johnson Creek Basin panorama Lewis' monkeyflower, Old Snowy, & Ives Peak paintbrush & Jordan Basin wildflowers wildflowers along a stream
Old Snowy, Ives Peak, & Goat Creek Valley American marten Goat Lake Goat Lake & Hawkeye Point Goat Lake & Hawkeye Point
Old Snowy Mountain & Ives Peak wildflowers Lewis' monkeyflower trail through wildflowers fireweed
wildflowers subalpine mariposa lily western bistort explorer's gentian Big Horn & Gilbert Peak

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