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November 8, 2014: Mt. Hood Meadows to White River Canyon & Timberline Lodge

I hiked from Mt. Hood Meadows to Timberline Lodge, and back again. Here's a map.
Mt. Hood mushrooms tiny mushrooms fireweed seeds snow-flattened vegetation
seeds false asphodel seed pods Mount Hood Mt. Jefferson & Three Sisters Timberline Lodge
Mount Hood & an autumn snowfield Upper & Lower Dryer Falls Mount Hood & Dryer Falls Mount Hood & Dryer Falls grass & Mt. Jefferson
Mt. Jefferson & White River White River Canyon dwarf lupine icy rock sandy moraine
Mount Hood & White River Canyon Mount Hood pussypaws leaves (?) Mt. Jefferson & Three Sisters Mount Hood & White River Canyon
waterfall in White River Canyon Mount Hood & spent partridgefoot White River Canyon gray jay shortcut
whitebark pine cone Mount Hood & White River Canyon White River black cottonwood tree Mount Hood
cinquefoil Umbrella Falls Umbrella Falls East Fork Hood River Umbrella Falls
Mount Hood Mt. Hood before sunset Mt. Hood at sunset Mt. Hood after sunset pearly everlasting & Mount Hood

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