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August 6, 2016: Ape Canyon & Lava Canyon, Mt. St. Helens, Washington

Aside from an amazing patch of black huckleberries at about 4100', Ape Canyon turned out to be a pretty boring trail. So we also went to Lava Canyon before heading home.
Mt. St. Helens & a lahar deposit red huckleberries pine-mat manzanita flowers thimbleberries Scouler's harebells
indian pipe huge clump of indian pipe red elderberries Peak 4666 lupine
black huckleberries noble fir with cones Ape Canyon Mt. St. Helens silverback luina, going to seed
wildflowers wildflowers wildflowers huckleberries asters
yarrow, asters, & paintbrush ring of manzanita Mt. St. Helens Ape Canyon & Mt. Adams Pumice Butte & Mt. Adams
dwarf lupines pearly everlasting Mt. St. Helens top of Ape Canyon wildflowers
Mt. St. Helens coralroot, gone to seed woodland beard-tongue (turtle-head) rosy twisted-stalk berries baneberries
tall trees oval-leaf huckleberry knobby mushrooms kinky pinesap bunchberries
Columbia windflower seeds Sierra dome spider Oregon stonecrop cascades stonecrop & a waterfall

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