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October 2, 2010: Lemei Rock, Indian Heaven Wilderness, Washington

I started at Cultus Creek Campground on the Indian Heaven Trail, passed Cultus Lake, turned left on the Lemei Trail, then climbed to the top of Lemei Rock via the northwest ridge. The ridge ascent started as a faint trail, became an easy bushwhack, and then turned into a very steep and partly overgrown trail that had more hoofprints than bootprints on it. I descended via the gully/chute on the eastern face, which looks ridiculously steep but is actually pretty manageable. Just make sure no one's below you while you're climbing down, because there are a lot of loose rocks.

Click here for a map of the route.

huckleberry sign self-heal autumn leaves autumn leaves Sitka mountain-ash leaves
autumn huckleberry leaves autumn huckleberry leaves Sawtooth Mountain & Mount Rainier lupine dwarf bramble
dwarf bramble autumn meadow autumn meadow Bird Mountain Bird Mountain
huckleberry leaves & rocks pond in a meadow pond in a meadow flower fly on spirea fall colors
edge of a pond Cascades frog tadpoles avalanche lily seeds Lemei Rock & Cultus Lake fall colors at Cultus Lake
Sitka mountain-ash leaves fall colors at Cultus Lake huckleberry huckleberries huckleberries
huckleberries Lemei Rock & huckleberry fields north side of Lemei Rock bushwhack up the ridge view toward Bird Mountain
autumn meadows from above Mount Adams & the north side of Lemei Rock east side of Lemei Rock Mount Hood Mount Hood
central ridge of Lemei Rock Mount St. Helens Mount Rainier ladybug (Oregon lady beetle) profile ladybugs (Oregon lady beetles)
the north summit & Mount Adams Lemei Rock's lumpy but solid volcanic rock Mount Adams through a hole in the rock the north summit & Mount Rainier the east chute leading down from Lemei Rock
Mount Adams distant mountains to the southwest huckleberry meadows from above juniper berries spotted saxifrage
spotted saxifrage leaves north summit of Lemei Rock & Mount Adams harebells harebell white catchfly
partridgefoot the east chute/gully of Lemei Rock campsite by Wapiki Lake Wapiki Lake slope above Wapiki Lake
fall huckleberries soggy trail & fall huckleberries huckleberries fleabane Cultus Lake
fall colors fall colors headwaters of Cultus Creek fall colors in the shade Cascade azalea
lupines edge of Bird Mountain Mount Adams Sleeping Beauty Goat Rocks
Mount Rainier huckleberry leaves & unknown evergreen leaves Townsend's chipmunk Townsend's chipmunk hemlock & fir tree, growing together

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