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August 19-21, 2017: Total Eclipse of the Sun, Eastern Oregon

For the 2017 total eclipse, a friend and I camped out on a ridge in Malheur National Forest for the two nights prior to the big show on Monday morning. In retrospect, the statewide mayhem wasn't nearly as awful as feared, so we probably didn't need to go quite so far out into the Middle of Nowhere. Also, I'd read somewhere that if it's your first eclipse, you shouldn't try to take pictures during the event... but now I wish I'd at least taken a few. So most of these photos are of flowers and bugs from Saturday and Sunday.
woodland skipper butterfly on gumweed gumweed wax currant berries fritillary butterflies on rabbitbrush ammophila wasp on rabbitbrush
Hunt's bumblebee on rabbitbrush gray rabbitbrush fritillary butterflies on rabbitbrush fritillary butterfly on rabbitbrush fritillary butterfly on rabbitbrush
Eaton's aster goldenrod crab spider Milky Way "Camp Cowpie" common wood-nymph butterfly
white-spotted sawyer beetle Middle Fork John Day River western stonefly exuvia giant salmonfly larva water-penny beetle larva
Middle Fork John Day River willow leaves with huge stipules white sweet clover long-toed salamander (and a tiny tree frog) long-toed salamanders
sunset on dry hills sunset & pine trees sunset & pine trees partial solar eclipse Fox Valley under a near-total solar eclipse
the sun's corona total solar eclipse crescent-shaped suns eclipse-gazing autumn willow-herb (tall annual willow-herb)

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